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Class 9: Atoms and Molecule (ASA)

Dear students , You will learn from these lecture series General Science from Class 9th.The topic we are taking today is atoms and molecule. This topic has 10 lectures watch ,share to your friends and write your feedback. Also ,write about the topic you want in next lecture.


ASA: JEE Main Exam Tips

Dear Students I am back here again . Everyday you will find useful material for preparation , knowledge aand for improvment . Limited seats are available for class room programs for students of classes 8th 9th 10th 11th & 12th


Video Solution of Civil Services Preliminary Exam-2018 (Question paper I & II )

Hi Friends ! This Play List Contain solution of question paper -I which includes 100 questions of General Studies and Paper -II which Contains 80 questions of CSAT. Watch solution of all questions one by one  in 180 Videos . Click The Link :


BPSC Exam 2018 : Solution of Question Paper

Dear Students Click Here For Question Paper of Set D : Bpsc Click Here for Solution of question Paper of Set D : 


Expected cut off in Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2018 & Paper Analysis

“I hope you will it them useful. I also think that it’s important to know the person behind your efforts is you only . You must have done best according to your ability, so please don’t regret about outcome”


Civil Services Preliminary exam 2018 solution Paper-2 (CSAT)

Civil Services Preliminary exam solution 2018 Paper-2 (CSAT) SETB CSAT The goal is not to change who you are but to become more of who you are at your best. …


Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2018 – Paper-1(Solution)

Civil Services Examination is held on 3rd June 2018. Paper -1 of General Studies is about to Over we will provide answer of paper -1 as soon as possible . Wait for next Update Video Solution will be available on our You tube Channel by evening for both the papers civil-services-answer-key-1-1    Pdf format Paper-1 […]


NDA SSB Interview Questions with Answers

Serving our armed forces is a dream for many of the youngsters. Each aspiring candidate is put through a series of rigorous tests to assess the individual on an overall basis, taking into account all the aspects such as aptitude, physical fitness and personality. The SSB (Service Selection Board) interview process tests the personality and […]


What is happen in 5 days SSB Interview Process ?

The 5 day SSB Interview Experience The SSB interview is a common test conducted in order to choose the right candidates for the offices of the Armed Forces of India. The SSB interview is a 5 day selection test designed to completely comprehend the potential and capacity of NDA and NA aspirants to be able […]


JEE Advance Previous Years Papers

Click the following Link to Downloads Question Papers for the indicated Years: 2007p1 2007p2 2008p1 2008p2 2009p1 2009p2 2010p1 2010p2   2011p1 2011p2 2012p1 2012p2 2013p1 2013p2 2014p1 2014p2 2015p1 2015p2 2016p1key 2016p2key 2017p1 P2_2017