What is happen in 5 days SSB Interview Process ?


The 5 day SSB Interview Experience

The SSB interview is a common test conducted in order to choose the right candidates for the offices of the Armed Forces of India. The SSB interview is a 5 day selection test designed to completely comprehend the potential and capacity of NDA and NA aspirants to be able to deal with complex, stressful situations and take quick, reasonable decisions with prudence and confidence.

The SSB Interview officials look for candidates with reasonable intelligence, but most importantly those who have the ability to lead the pack and portray effective and efficient leadership skills such as being responsible, being analytical and logical in their approaches and take initiatives to solve issues and problems.

Taking the SSB interview is truly an experience of a lifetime and the SSB interview experience has proven to be a big learning curve for most people who have attempted to crack SSB interview.

The 5 Day SSB Interview Experience

The SSB interviews are conducted in numerous selections camps all over the country such as Bangalore, Allahabad, Mysore etc.. The candidates on their arrival will be picked up from the railway stations by the military vehicles and taken to the respective SSB centers. On arrival, all candidates will have to fill out some basic forms and submit proofs of their identification and mark sheets from the 10th and 12th board exams for verification.

The forms to be filled out usually consist of Personal Identification Questionnaire (PIQ), Travel Allowance Forms and Identification Forms. The candidates are then allotted chest numbers and given instructions on code of conduct to be maintained at all times in the SSB centre.

Day 1

The candidates undergo a number of intelligence tests on Day 1. The tests are usually scheduled to begin at 6AM and the candidates will have to be present at the exam centers latest by 5.50AM. They will be provided breakfast before going for their tests.

Before each of the intelligence tests begins, the examiners will provide ample instructions and explanations as to how to go about taking the test. Most of the tests conducted are similar to the ones that have been conducted since 1974.

Therefore, while preparing for the test, candidates refer questions from previous year’s papers and this helps a lot in succeeding in the intelligence tests. The picture perception test is then conducted where the candidates will have to write a story or answer questions such as number of people, character which they saw first after observing a hazy picture for 30 seconds.

Day 2

Day 2 consists of psychological tests to be cleared by the candidates. The tests conducted include Thematic Appreciation Test where the candidates will be shown a clear picture and will then have to write a story within 4 minutes. It is important that the story is very positive and without mentioning much negative aspects.

Then the Word Association Test is conducted wherein the candidates have to write anything that comes to their mind after seeing a particular word for 15 seconds. There will be a series of 60 words shown and the candidates will have to write answers for all the 60 words. This is a very difficult test as test papers will be provided once to the candidates and it is important not to make any mistakes so as to avoid any cutting or over-writing.

Day 3 & Day 4

Day 3 and Day 4 consist of tests designed to assess the candidate’s ability to work in a group. The tests are called the Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test and include a number of challenging tasks.

This category of tests consist of Group Discussion where candidates will be given a common topic and will have to speak on it in a group and come up with a reasonable solution at the end of the allotted time period that is agreeable to all.

This is a very challenging test as you have to be assertive and be able to talk and also make sure that others are listening to your points as well and portray your communication skills, depth of knowledge and being able to put forth all your thoughts in a coherent and timely manner.

The lecturette is another important test to do well as it tests the aspirant’s ability to boost confidence among his team mates through his lecture. The candidates will have only 3 minutes within which they should exhibit key skills such as clarity of thought process, their ability to express their views cohesively and their self confidence levels.

Other tests in the group category are group obstacles with very strict rules to be followed, snake race, lecturette topics (extempore), command task and final group task all of which are aimed at determining the candidate’s abilities to lead a team and function efficiently as a group member as well.

Day 5

This is a crucial day, as it is the last opportunity to showcase the true potential and is a one-on-one interview with an assessing officer. The Personal Interview seeks to extract maximum information from the candidate and also consists of rapid fire questions that enable the officer to determine the candidate’s ability to think off the feet and respond relevantly to tricky questions!

This 5 day SSB interview experience will provide a good learning platform and will instill the habits of discipline and patience amongst everyone trying to clear the SSB interview

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