Current Affairs for Civil Services
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Dear Students

After observing the trend of question papers of previous years, it is found that since last 6-7 years current affairs is dominating continuously in civil services preliminary Examination. Almost 20 to 30 questions are asked in this section which can be categorise in different section like Current economy & Finance , Environment & Ecology, Science & Technology, Arts & Culture , National & International politics , Sports & Music and other miscellaneous events around us.

Acquiring knowledge from this domain is not a affair of 2-3 months but it is possible with continuous and progressive desire to develop knowledge and keep in mind in systematic manner so that whenever and wherever it is required, it can be use without any extra effort.

We are planning to correlate these knowledge from background story so that it can be kept in mind for longer time and it will be also gives valuable inputs while writing descriptive answers in main examination. Here is the first question paper for the said purpose .

Take a test and prepare with us