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The following is the list of Agricultural Development Programmes:

S.No. Agricultural Development Programme Year of Beginning Objective/Description
 1 Intensive Agriculture Development Program (IADP) 1960 To provide loan , seeds , fertilizer tools to the farmers. 
 2 Intensive Agriculture Area Program (IAAP) 1964 To develop the special harvest. 
 3 High Yielding Variety Program (HYVP) 1966 To increase productivity of foodgrains by adopting latest varieties of inputs for crops. 
 4 Green Revolution 1966  To increase the foodrains , specially food production. 
 5 Nationalization of 4 banks 1969  To provide loans for agriculture , rural development and other priority sector. 
 6 Marginal Farmer and Agriculture Labor Agency (MFALA) 1973 For technical and financial assistance to marginal and small farmer and agricultural labor.  
 7 Small Farmer Development Agency (SFDA) 1974 For technical and financial assistance to small farmers. 
 8 Farmer Agriculture Service Centres (FASC) 1983 To popularize the use of improved agricultural instruments and tool kits.  
 9 Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme 1985  For insurance of agricultural crops. 
 10 Agricultural and Rural Debt Relief Scheme (ARDRS) 1990  To exempt bank loans upto Rs. 10,000 of rural artisans and weaver. 
 11 Intensive Cotton Development Programme (ICDP) 2000 To enhance the production, per unit area through (a) technology transfer, (b) supply of quality seeds, (c) elevating IPM activities/ and (d) providing adequate and timely supply of inputs to the farmers .
 12 Minikit Programme for Rice, Wheat & Coarse Cereals 1974 To increase the productivity by popularising the use of newly released hybrid/high yielding varieties and spread the area coverage under location specific high yielding varieties/hybrids.
 13 Accelerated Maize Development Programme (AMDP) 1995 To increase maize production and productivity in the country from 10 million tonnes to 11.44 million tonnes and from 1.5 tonnes/hectare to 1.80 tonnes/hectare respectively upto the terminal year of 9th Plan i.e. 2001-2002 (revised).
 14 National Pulses Development Project (NPDP) 1986 To increase the production of pulses in the country to achieve self sufficiency.
 15 Oil Palm Development Programme (OPDP) 1992 To promote oil palm cultivation in the country.
 16 National Oilseeds and Vegetable Oils development Board (NOVOD) 1984 The main functions of the NOVOD Board are very comprehensive and cover the entire gamut of activities associated with the oil seeds and vegetable oil industry including – production, marketing, trade, storage, processing, research and development, financing and advisory role to the formulation of integrated policy and programme of development of oil seeds and vegetable oil.
 17 Coconut Development Board 1981 To increase production and productivity of coconut

To bring additional area under coconut in potential  non-traditional areas

To develop new technologies for product  diversification and by-product utilisation

To strengthen mechanism for transfer of technologies

To elevate the income level of small and marginal farmers engaged in coconut cultivation.

To build up sound information basis for coconut industry and market information 

To generate ample employment opportunities in the rural sector.

 18 Watershed Development Council (WDC) 1983 Central Sector Scheme(HQ Scheme)



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