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The Heart

 Average weight of heart is about 340 grams in men and 255 grams in women.

Heartbeats In a normal, healthy adult, the contraction and relaxation mechanism of the ventricles results in a heartbeat of about 70-72/min in males and 78-82/min in females.

The left half and the right half of the heart is divided by a wall called septum. Each half, in turn, is divided into an upper chamber called the auricle and a lower chamber called the ventricle.

The auricle receives blood from the veins and the ventricle pumps blood into the arteries.

Functions The functions of the heart are:

(i) to supply pure blood to all parts of the body; (through arteries)

(ii) to collect impure blood from organs/tissues; (through veins)

(iii) to pump impure blood into the lungs for purification; and

(iv) to collect pure blood from the lungs.


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