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  • Important questions for 2 marks each.
  1. What is criminalization of politics?
  2.  How is the President of India Elected?
  3.  What is Casting Vote?
  4.  What the difference between Council of Ministers & Cabinet?
  5.  What is the importance of Right to Constitutional Remedies?
  6.  Explain the following terms:  a. Dissolution of the House   b. Prorogation of the House  c. Adjournment of the business of the House
  7. What is Consolidate fund of India?
  8.  To what extend can the President withhold his assent to a bill already passed by the Parliament?
  9.  What is India’s “Look East” Policy
  10.  What is meant by “Empowerment of India” in India?
  11.  What is meant by Double Jeopardy
  12.  What are the protections afforded to Scheduled tribes in the Fifth Schedule of the Indian Constitution?
  13.  In what ways can the President of India ascertain the views of the Supreme Court on a particular bill?
  14.  What is the common point between Articles 14 & 226 of the Indian constitution?
  15.  Who & what does the Indian Parliament consist of ?
  16.  What is Habeas Corpus?
  17. What are the constitutional restrictions imposed upon the power of borrowings of state government?
  18.  What is the special facility provided to the linguistic minorities under the article 350A?
  19.  How can a judge of the Supreme Court be removed?
  20. How is the Election Commission of India Constituted?
  21. What is point of order? How can it be raised?
  22.  What is Privilege Motion?
  23.  State the difference between Council of Ministers & Cabinet (Repeat)
  24. How is the Vice President of India elected?
  25.  What is meant by “Sine-die” adjournment?
  26. What is the importance of 84 th Amendment of the Indian Constitution?
  27.  Under what Article of the Constitution can the Union Government play its role in settling Inter-state Water Dispute?
  28.  What is the role of the protem speaker?
  29.  What is meant by “Lame-Duck Session” of the Legislature?
  30.  What is meant by “Fringe Areas” in the sphere of local government in India?
  31.  Explain the Local Area Development Scheme of the Members of Parliament.
  32.  What is ethics committee of the Lok Sabha?
  33.  Why is it said that centre has absolute veto over state legislature?
  34.  What is Call Attention Motion?
  35.  When is the device of joint sitting of both houses of the parliament not available?
  36.  What is vote on account?
  37.  What is a caretaker government?
  38.  Do you justify the Prime Minister’s Entry into Parliament through Rajya Sabha?
  39.  What is privilege Motion?
  40.  What is Contempt of Parliament?

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