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The following is the list of National Health Programmes In India:

 S.No. National Health Programmes Year of Beginning Objective/Description
 1 National Cancer Control Programme    1975 Primary prevention of cancers by health education regarding hazards of tobacco consumption and necessity of genital hygiene for prevention of cervical cancer, etc.
 2 National Program of Health Care for the Elderly (NPHCE)    2010  To provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the elderly persons at various level of health care delivery system of the country, etc.
 3 National Program for Prevention and Control of Deafness (NPPCD)  —- To prevent the avoidable hearing loss on account of disease or injury, etc.
 4 District Mental Health Program (NMHP)    1982  To ensure availability and accessibility of minimum mental health care for all in the foreseeable future, particularly to the most vulnerable and underprivileged sections of population.
 5 National Cancer Reigstry Programme   1982 To provide true information on cancer prevalence and incidence.
 6 National Tobacco Control Program   2007 Preventing the initiation of smoking among young people, educating, motivating and assisting smokers to quit smoking, etc.
 7 National Leprosy Eradication Program  started in       1955,         launched in 1983 To arrest the disease activity in all the known cases of leprosy.
 8  Universal Immunization Program (UIP)  1985 To achieve self-sufficiency in vaccine production and the manufacture of cold-chain equipment for storage purpose, etc.
 9 National Vector Borne Disease Control Program  —- For the prevention and control of vector borne diseases

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