Preparation strategy for CAT in last 75 days.
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CAT is a demanding exam and all it needs is practice. The only thing that makes it a tough nut to crack is the large gap between the number of aspirants applying every year and the number of top institutions. Besides this, the pattern and concept behind CAT questions are application and aptitude-based. You must be a graduate or about to graduate, right? Keeping this in mind, you must have at least once in your academic journey gone through the basics of Mathematics and English, isn’t it? Then what’s the need to be worried? 

We have more than 80 days in hand and 800+ hours to prepare for CAT if you are non working . All we need is a full-proof and smart strategy to crack the exam successfully and receive calls from the top institutes. 

A step-by-step guide to prepare for CAT in 75 days for working professionals

A single strategy cannot yield the same results for every CAT aspirant. A lot depends on your past preparations, your familiarity with the basics, and your strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s try and make this guide as precise as possible. 

There can be broadly 3 categories of students who want to prepare for CAT in 30 days or less:

Whichever category you belong to, it is possible to crack CAT. Let’s say you devote around 5 hours daily for 70-72 days. (You are more than welcome to increase your study hours, though) This means you have a minimum of 350-360 hours in hand to prepare for CAT in less than 3 months. Now, let’s hop into devise a strategy.

  • The aspirants who have been preparing for CAT seriously and now wants to introspect their strategy to know what they should do in the last 75 days
  • The ones who wake up to CAT only after the notification comes out and gets serious from then on
  • And the last category is of those brave students who start preparing for CAT in these 75 days.

Step 1: Break-down the preparation strategy for each section

For the VARC and LRDI section, all you need is practice. But for QA, you need to work on the fundamentals of all the 25 odd chapters, as well as, invest hours in practice.

Here is a sample of time management for CAT 2022 and its preparation strategy.

VARC – Practice at least 200 readings comprehension and analysis to understand the way to answers these questions.

DILR – Practice 100 sets of questions related to variety of concepts and try to draw conclusions from hidden knowledge. Learn to interpretation data from given information.

Quantitative Aptitude – This section is crucial.You need concepts understand the questions and innovative ideas to solve them in short period of time. So you have to be master of at least 25 chapers of Mathematics.

Step 2: Test and analyze your learnings

You should take Mock test and analysis of incorrect answers thoroughly to avoid such mistakes in next test.

So, whether you have just started to prepare for CAT 2022 or you are looking forward to make the last 75 days to CAT super-productive, take a mock or attempt any previous year’s question paper just like you are giving the final CAT exam. Reason?

This will tell you how to mould your preparation strategy, what are your strengths and weaknesses, which type of questions takes you more time to solve, what are the fears you faced, and a lot more. It is these small things that can help you sail past the journey of getting 99+ percentile in CAT.

Here is the trick: Once you take mock and get the scores, retake the exam without looking at the solution. See which all questions were correct, correct but a fluke, attempted but wrong, and the ones you did not attempt at all. This is your real knowledge. Note down the scores, and try to fill this gap to make 99+ percentile.

Step 3: Be strategic and tweak your plan accordingly

To fill the gap between your actual score and the scores you need to get 99 percentile in CAT, you need to fine-tune your strategy as per your progress. Start by taking one mock a week, for a month, and gradually increase it to 2 mocks a week. What is more important is how you ANALYSE your mocks later. The knowledge learnt during its analysis cannot be gained from tutorials, coaching classes, or peers.

Here is how you can build an analysis chart for every mock. All you have to do is, tweak your strategy to fill the GAP in each section.

24 questions from VARC will be asked for 72 marks.Out of which if you will solve correctly between 16 to 18 questions, so that you will get 42 to 45 marks in this section.

20 questions from DILR will be for 60 Marks. Out of which you can solve  between 15 to 18 questions and score 40 to 44 marks.

22 questions from Quantitative Aptitude will be asked for 66 marks in which you can solve 14 to 16 questions and score 43 to 45 marks. Total Score if fetch any where between 125 to 134 you will be in group of 99+ percentile. 

Overall, it may be said…

Once you have spent hours learning the fundamentals of every section, taking and analyzing mocks are more than enough to prepare for CAT in less than 75 days. Think this way, if you take even 20 mocks, you will practice 100 sets of DILR (5 set in each mock) and 100 RCs (5 RC in each mock). But do NOT compare the numbers with your peers. It should be your knowledge, your preparation, and your strengths that should drive your strategy for the D-Day.

All the best!

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