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National & Social Issues 

National Current Affairs:

  • New visa Policy for Pakistan
  • Reservation in Promotion
  • The Lokpal Bill & Jan Lokpal bill
  • Prime Minister’s 5 point agenda for India’s development as a knowledge society.
  • What are the linkages to be developed under the Knowledge Revolution for Rural India Plan.
  •  National Knowledge Commission .
  •  What is the Prime Minister’s Five Point agenda for India’s development as Knowledge Society.
  • Sethusamudram Project.
  • Ban on Bar Dancing .

Women & Child Welfare & Gender Issues

  • Discuss the steps to get rid of child labour in India.
  • Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS)
  • What are the social & economic consequences of abolishing Child Labour in India.
  • Discuss the steps taken by the government to check child labour & promote child welfare .
  • Explain the social constraints in bringing about gender equality in Indian Society.
  • Female Foeticide.
  • Equal rights for women in Parental property.
  • Rehabilitation of Street Children in India
  • The issues of Gender Equality in India .


  • Bring out the issues involved in implementing compulsory primary education in India. 
  • Discuss the impact of globalization of higher education in India. 
  • Discuss the implications of the recent Supreme Court verdict on reservations in private & minority educational institutions.
  • Is greater spending on education linked to higher discuss? Discuss 

Population & Public Health:

  • Use of Information technology in health management in India.
  • Review the population policy of the Govt. of India giving the distinguishing features.
  • Rehabilitation/Social Issues to be Addressed:
  • What are the problems related to the rehabilitation of the mentally challenged persons in India.
  • RCI (Rehabilitation council of India)
  • Rehabilitation of Street Children in India
  • Identify type of Disabilities.
  • Write briefly about the programs for Welfare of the Disabled.
  • Welfare Schemes for the Development
  • What is PURA (Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas)? Discuss its major objectives
  • Housing for all by 2010 is the goal set by the National Habitat Policy. How far is it achievable?
  • What is TRIFED? What are its objectives?
  • Swarn Jayanti Gram Swaraj Yojana
  • International Social Programs/UN Programs
  • Explain UNDP report on Human Development in India.
  • What are the UNDP indicators with reference to planning process? .


  • What is value-based politics?
  • Suggest measures for the eradication of wide spread corruption in Public Life in India.
  • What are the preconditions for growth of Civil Society? Is Indian Democracy conducive to it?
  • What is the composition of the electoral college for the election of President of the Indian Republic?
  • How is the value of votes counted? 
  • Law Commission of India.
  • Public Interest Litigation. Who can file it & under what circumstances can it be rejected by the court of law?

Human Rights

  • Discuss the provisions of the Human Rights Protection Act (1993) relating to following
  • a) Definition of Human Rights
  • b) Composition of National Human Rights Commission
  • c) Functions of the Commission
  • d) What suggestions have been made for amending the Act for making the role of NHRC more effective
  • Discuss the propositions laid down by the Supreme Court of India in the context of torture in prisons & human dignity.
  • What are the Human Rights issues involved in relation to the arrest of M. Karunanidhi in Tamilnadu in July 2001?


  • Explain the implications of the implementation of Intellectual Property Clauses in our patent law regime after joining WTO.
  • What is WTO? What are India’s objections to its overall functioning?
  • Explain full convertibility of Indian Rupee. .
  • What do we understand by “Doha Round” of talks
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • E-Commerce 
  • Footloose Industries
  • What is Enterprise Resource Planning .

National/International Culture:

  • Differentiate between Natural & Cultural Heritage
  • Lalit Kala Academy
  • Yakshagana
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Natural & Cultural Heritage
  • Statue of Liberty


  • What is energy independence? Discuss how India can be transformed into an “Energy-Independent Nation”. 

Biology – Science & Technology:

  • What is Stealth Technology? .
  • Discuss the significance of GSLV in space research .
  • Biotechnology boom may pave a golden path for India.
  • Discuss the utility of Direct to Home in broadcasting system.
  • Genome
  • Genetically Modified seeds.
  • Anthrax
  • Radiation & its effects
  • Genome
  • Discuss Human Genome .

Environment – Agriculture – Geography

  • What is disaster management? Discuss the steps taken to tackle natural disasters.
  • What is Eco Tourism? 
  • Write briefly about Desert Development Program?
  • What is Integrated Wasteland Development Program .
  • How has the dwindling of barbed variety of rice affected the Siliguri – Bagdogra with respect to man-animal conflict?
  • Inter-State river water dispute has once again assumed center stage after the Punjab’s Assembly’s Bill terminating all previous accord on river waters. Discuss 
  • Distinctive feature of the Lokpal bill introduced in the Parliament this year? 
  • What were the main strategic concerns of the Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri during her recent visit to India. 
  • What are the Human Rights issues involved in relation to the arrest of M. Karunanidhi in Tamilnadu in July 2001?