Physics : The universe


The initial appearance

today did not exist in the universe 14 billion years ago. Whole universe was comprised of a small ultra-dense point. Suddenly a huge explosion – the Big Bang (Big Bang) and the universe came into being. In the initial moments after the Big Bang, etc. Matter (Proto matter) and light mixed hot lava was rapidly disintegrating around.  a few moments the universe has become widespread. Since then to datethe universe has become a thousand times more detail.

Universe broad pattern of galaxies in the billions – billions of stars but also a huge cloud of dust and gas are scattered. Far these clouds spanning hundreds of millions of light – the stars are the substance of the Lock. These Niharikaaँ (nebule) says. It boasts hundreds of embryonic stars are in your pregnancy. Nebulae in our own galaxy are thousands, hundreds of which stars are born every minute. That’s one of the stars of a certain age. Medium-sized stars like the sun, life is about 10 billion years long. Even at half the size of the sun, the stars are double. On ponderous strings of life – play ends in a few million years. Stars as the supernova explosion occurs.  

The rise of modern astronomy

in 1929, Edwin Hubble and Milton Humasan an important discovery. They are hidden secrets in the light of distant galaxies. Hubble and the galaxies within Humasan and comparative study of their motion. This discovery made ​​it clear that our galaxy beyond ï ï And God just completed a comprehensive investigation is awaited but it is constantly being transmitted. Starting with the Big Bang, and since then constantly being transmitted. Nearby stars and distant galaxies light years of us reaches the light may take billions of years to reach us. We see that the view of galaxies millions – billions of years ago because the light reaches us in the same years. This long distance is a common measure for expressing light-years. 

The natural flow of the authentic, we can identify the properties of radiation. The right to work in 1989, the cosmic background explorer satellite sent into Earth orbit.Explored by Wilson and Penjios Trngiy micro level of our own galaxy, except for the sky was completely calm. But the level of radiation above and below the fluctuation was not. Cosmic Background Explorer, ie Kobe (Shthrccshw) satellite was very light fluctuation is recorded. However, free movement is subtle Trngiy radiation. This fluctuation – a part in a million – nearly four million years after the initial Big Bang Brahma ï And the effect of changes in temperature. Kobe in 2001 to 100 times more sensitive than the satellite data to help scientists Trngiy boasts a fine mapping of the sky. It is also very light fluctuation was found, the newborn universe indicates the materials to be assembled. The substance crystallized in billions of years and the effects of gravity and more materials around began to draw. This process reached to proceed to the galaxies. Structures such as the endless web has become a close group of galaxies. The seed of the universe had at birth and during the flow of billions – billions of galaxies we see today are the Vtvriksh stood.Satellite observations and some unknown, unfamiliar with the facts – with the existence of invisible matter also certified.

Universe of the future

universe of the future in the long run, the most important question? The universe would expand indefinitely as it ï Brhm be infinite? Ï theoretical point of view to emerge about three pictures. Remote in the invisible and visible matter dominates the heavy gravity and the universe was slow to dissipate. universe growing in size gradually decreases the strength of materials involved and the invisible energy force running the distraction impact was fashioned. As a result, the universe was accelerating the rate of spread. If the next 100 billion years, the rate constant was also the last light of so many galaxies, we will not reach. Invisible energy was dominated by the faster increase in the rate of spread of the galaxies, solar system, planets, our earth and to the nuclei of molecules in order to “destroy the will ïÓ ï-impaired. It is hard to imagine what would happen next. The invisible energy is negative, the ultimate ï Case: first gradually and then rapidly passed into the archetypal small point to be constrained. Ï Case will ensure the future of physics or reality vacuum vacuum. U.S. Department of Energy and NASA space-based alliance of the most ambitious project is the Joint Dark Energy Mission Ó proposed Rakha. In the next decade to complete this project, a two meter space telescope to be installed. In 2007 the European Space Agency’s Planck spacecraft is launched. The initial spacecraft to study space radiation can more depth and subtlety.

Galaxy (universe)

of the vast mass stars are galaxies which are billions of stars. Of galaxies, perhaps 1 billion years after the Big Bang happened Ó. The total number of galaxies that astronomers can not predict. Galaxies are so large that the “ultimate island ï And Ó  says. Galaxies mainly three sizes – Spiral ,elliptical and irregular are. Our Galaxy “Milky Way’s spiral Ó. And often in clusters of galaxies orbiting the ï reality.Our galaxy ‘Ó 20 galaxies of the Milky Way is a member of the group. Some groups of galaxies contain thousands of galaxies.

‘Milky Way’ Milky Way,

Our galaxy called the Milky Way Ó. It contains about 100 billion stars. Our solar system and Sun ‘Ó center of the Milky Way is located at the edge of the half. “Milky Way from end to end of Ó to travel light takes 100,000 years. “And orbiting the Milky Way ï Ó reality. The sun-orbiting in the center of the Milky Way Ó takes 225 million years, the Galactic Year  says.

Star (star)

Stars are massive luminous body of gases, which are themselves bound by the gravitational force. Weight ratio of the wires 70 percent hydrogen, 28 percent helium, 1.5 percent carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, and 0.5 percent iron and other heavy elements. Ï And most of reality is the same as mass stars. Stars are born in groups. Gas and dust cloud that Abrika  says, when millions of years after the small break in the clouds divides the associated cables between its own form of gravitational force. Another of the stars heat the hydrogen gas would be converted into helium. With this change, “nuclear fusion Ó process starts, the very high energy is generated. The energy source of stars are shining. Brahman ï And almost 50 percent of stars are found in pairs.The “twin stars Ó (Ccdbtrtddhm 4 Shlddhmhy) is known. If hydrogen fuel is finished when a star is approaching the agonal. Stars along the external field and the first signs of aging are the reddening. The star of the old and bloated “Monster Blood Ó (Kradgsr Tradbddtrthl) says. Sun is the star of her middle age, perhaps 5 billion years after the “blood Ó could turn into a monster. Tara seems to be small due to the force of his weight. If this asteroid is the black hole (ङrkddhdbhldg Ddhmdg Sht 2) is changed. After 5 billion years the sun, the astronomers could turn into a black hole. But a tremendous explosion of large stars and the material is spread And God ï.

Solar system

To orbit the Sun, the planets, satellites, comets, asteroids and other celestial bodies, many of the group or family is the solar system. A planet is a vast, cold celestial body which orbits the Sun is in orbit Akniscit. Sun is the center of our solar system, around which the planets – Mercury, Venus, Tue, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune orbit. Most planets have satellites that are orbiting the planet.Two years ago, Pluto was stripped of planet status, from which the planets of our solar system there are just 8. Inner planets and outer planets of our solar system planets as the division has been. Inner planets – The Mercury, Venus, Earth and Tue. Avँ metallic elements of the inner planets have been hard Pashanon. The density of these planets is very high. It is the largest planet Earth. External (Hrhvhldghm) planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are very large. The building often is Haidrrojn and helium gases. These planets are moving very rapidly.  

Mercury (mercury)

Mercury is the solar system’s smallest planet. It is a fact that Mercury is quite a variety of temperatures. Published as part of the sun’s temperature is 450 Eternity Eternity -1 800 falls to the temperature of the dark side. Wed, 88 days to orbit the Sun at 30 miles / second is speed. Mercury is a long night and day. This axis completes one revolution in 59 days.

Sun (Venus)

TheVenus key component of the atmosphere are carbon dioxide and nitrogen, respectively 95 and 2.5 per cent. Dense clouds of Venus’s atmosphere. Avँ sulfuric acid particles in these clouds are found in water. Thankfully the night and day difference in temperature does not. The planets of the solar system the sun and the moon is the brightest celestial body.  It makes one revolution of the sun in 224.7 days. Soviet spacecraft ‘Benera 3Ó first man-made satellite to hit on the surface of Venus. Sent in 1989, “the Sun Magelan Ó 1600 by The spacecraft explored volcanoes and high mountains to the picture.

Tue (Mars)

Tue 95 percent carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, 3 percent nitrogen, 2 percent Argon gas are found. Iron oxide in the soil due to see the red planet. Tue 37 minutes is equal to 24 hours a day. The Earth is approximately equal to one day.But it is a year of 686 days. Tue extremely cold planet with an average temperature of -90 -230 Eternity Eternity is long. Tue’s atmosphere is very sparse. Dust Storms are often moving on Tue. The presence of atmospheric gases must be emanating from the volcanoes. The air will be present due to the water on its surface. Space ‘Ó sent by Pathfinder Pictures is known that large amounts of water are found in millions of years ago was on Tue. NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor Ó Tue of the equator near the ancient Pantapiy system Hyhldgdw self 4) ï testimony are clear.

Jupiter (jupiter ) 

89 percent of Jupiter’s atmosphere is molecular hydrogen and 11 percent helium.Jupiter is the solar system’s largest planet. The mass of the solar system is 2.5 times more than the total mass of all other planets. It can hold the earth in 1300. It is very fast on its axis 9 hours 55 minutes in a round is completed. It meets about 12 years to orbit the Sun. According to the scientists that the planet is so vast it could become a star. “The spacecraft sent pictures Voyjr 1Ó the important information that it has received a ring of Saturn, like Jupiter is 300,000 km from its surface. Distance spread. According to scientists at the satellites’ icy surface of Europa Ó nutrients may be below the water of life. Our solar system probably the biggest structure of Jupiter Chumbkiymondl Is. This is an area of space where Jupiter’s magnetic field is located. 21 of 61 satellites of Jupiter satellites discovered so far in 2003 were discovered. The four main moons – Iyo, Europa, and Callisto Ganimeed was discovered in 1610 by Galileo.

Saturn (Saturn)

Saturn solar system’s largest planet after Jupiter’s sixth Avँ. Of Jupiter, Saturn-like hydrogen, helium and other gases . Despite being the second most massive planet of the solar system, the mass 95 times Earth’s mass and density 0.70 grams per cubic cm. Is. Sun’s high rotation speed (every 10 hours, 12 minutes a) flattened to make the most of all the planets. 1,000 the number of Saturn’s rings Voyjr 1Ó space was determined. But now the number of rings a million has been set. These rings of ice particles is constructed. Yet Saturn’s 31 known satellites. The largest satellite-Titan is Ó. The solar system on which the atmosphere is the presence of a single satellite.

Uranus (uranus)

Uranus was discovered in 1781 AD by Sir William Herschel. The mean distance from the Sun 286.9 million km. Is. 970 is tilted on its axis and the polar regions because of the unexpected curve over the course of a year the sun’s rays are available. Uranus 84 Earth years is equal to one year. Due to the presence of methane in the planet’s light green color. This is only one planet from pole to pole in front of the sun remains constant in its encompass classroom.

Neptune (neptune)

Neptune, the Sun is located 165 miles on average, 2.8 billion years the sun has completed a round. Neptune the eighth planet solar system. The key component of the atmosphere are hydrogen and helium. The presence of methane in the atmosphere because of the color is light blue. Neptune has 11 known moons yet. It is the largest satellite Triton. Triton is characterized by the opposite direction of Neptune’s rotation. “Neptune has several black spots could 2Ó Voyjr. This is the spot size of the Earth.

Surya (Sun)

sun like other stars and solar system is the center of the sphere of hot gas.Although the sun is said to be of average size compared to other stars, but “80 percent of the Milky Way galaxy Ó stars brighter than the Sun’s mass and more.The hydrogen gas into helium gas in the womb it always is. This process because the energy from the sun’s light Avँ. Hydrogen is made ​​from 95 per cent of the sun.It is located in the center core of helium. The core of around 40 million tonnes of matter into energy every second the sun changes. Nuclear fusion in the Sun each second is 60 million tonnes of hydrogen into helium gas. This process will continue for the next 5 billion years. There are too many levels of the earth as the sun.Suryamndl visible part of the earth (क्कद्धशह्लशह्यश्चद्धद्गह्म्द्ग) says. The upper part is made ​​of pink gases Suryamndl the chromosphere Says. It always stays at a steady pace. Often the 100,000-mile long solar chromosphere Fire (Hyashdiddhm Dgdiddhmdg) is out. Above the chromosphere is a huge aura, it can be seen only during a solar eclipse. The Circle (Shtshmshtrtdd) says.

Moon (moon)

Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. The diameter of the Earth’s diameter, 1/4 ‘s.(2,160 miles or 3,476 km. S). The gravitational force of earth’s gravity is equal to the sixth. Moon by the Earth’s orbit is elliptical rather than circular. Moon, the Earth’s orbit is completed in 27.3 days. The presence of atmosphere on the moon, not because its weak gravity is unable to force the creation of atmosphere. In January 1998 launched the “Lunar Prospector spacecraft sent pictures Ó is known that the moon’s poles about 3 billion metric tons of ice buried in huge pits have been. This water probably caused by a comet hitting the lunar surface have been generated.

Prithvi (Earth)

Earth’s atmosphere, producing 79 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, 1 percent of water Avँ organ is 0.3 percent. Earth, third planet from the sun and solar system is the only planet where life is present. Blue Earth seen from space – appears as a white shells. 9.3 million miles of Earth’s mean distance from the sun.It will orbit the Sun at a speed of 67,000 miles an hour to complete one orbit in 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45.51 seconds takes. One revolution on its axis 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds in the meets. Earth is not perfectly spherical.9727 miles in diameter at the equator and the poles is less than the diameter.  The estimated mass of 6.6 grams per cubic cm Sekstilian tons Avँ average density 5.52. Is. The area is 196 949 970 miles of the earth. The 3/4 parts water.  Recent discoveries known to the scientists that the Earth’s core is not completely spherical. Earth’s core, X-ray images is known that there are deep valleys have the same 6.7-mile high mountain .

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