IAS Mantra Series : Public Administration


Issues in the meaning of Pub Administration

  • Is it just execution of law and public policy?
  • Does it include others branches of the state or just the executive?
  • Any role in policy formulation?

Reinventing government

  • Focus on core competence of government
  • Steering rather than rowing
  • The ten points


  • Downsizing
  • Enhanced management competence using IT
  • Critical performance appraisal
  • Allowing the market to function in its designated sphere

Public Choice Approach

  • 1960s
  • Vincent Ostrom
  • Extension of assumptions of individual rationality and utility maximization to administration
  • Institutional pluralism
  • In favour of the citizen’s choice in the provision of public goods and services
  • Critical of monocentric, hierarchical traditional bureaucratic administration
  • Democratic decentralised system of administration and organisational competitiveness
  • Rejects the politics-administration dichotomy
  • Locates pub ad within the domain of politics

New Public Service

  • Denhardt and Denhardt
  • Government shouldn’t be run like business, it should be run like a democracy
  • Public interest and democratic citizenship
  • Reconnect with the citizens
  • Co-governance
  • New attitude and new involvement

Good Governance

  • Government vs Governance
  • WB
    • Public Sector Management
    • Accountability
    • Legal Framework for development
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