Mathematics Teacher : A challenging work ahead.


A mathematics is a key subject for almost every examination in which there are many challenges. Some of these challenges are in part due to the shortage of good mathematics teachers at high school level in India has been a problem over a long period.The most of the existing mathematics teacher imparting the knowledge from the books without having any innovation and understanding. This has resulted in pupils reaching the higher grades without a sound mathematics foundation. The shortage of well qualified graduates in mathematics is having an adverse effect on business and industry and undermines the country’s economic growth and global competitiveness. Most of the students trying to take admission in private poor engineering colleges ,but they do not want to persue their study in good colleges of Delhi university .The teaching of mathematics is therefore a priority area and there is a great need for well qualified, innovative and dedicated mathematics teachers. Professional mathematics teachers must not only be able to have a thorough understanding of mathematics but they must also be able to use a variety of learning and teaching approaches and methods to help their students develop a sound understanding of mathematical concepts. Mathematics teachers have to be good communicators and be able to explain things simply and clearly. It is critical that the teacher is in touch with the student’s starting point and that s/he understands why a student’s solution to a problem is incorrect so that s/he is able to guide students to find acceptable ways of solving mathematical problems.

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