Three Learning steps


 If a man spend his energy in making the best possible use of his abilities, without worrying whether he is First, fifth or tenth his accomplishment is likely to be greater than that of an equally gifted person. The achievement becomes more Significant, if he does not divide those around him treating them as rivals.

     Much of our every day action is based on the habit. In our daily work, habit saves time and energy. Our friendliness towards our work becomes habitual. And when the work feels like a natural action, thus prompting us to say, it was the only natural for me to act like that”.  What we actually learned through consistent practice. Therefore, first decide to form a new habit and then start with real determination to work towards your goal.

      Recently, I was watching Mr. Amitabh Bachhan Interview on television. A Journalist asked him “How you are managing to twits 3-4 times every day and writing blog every day? He replied “since it is my habit so it happens every day without extra effort.”   It means a person should develop habit of study, habit of work, habit of reading news paper, Magazine etc.It must be part of everyday life as it makes things easier and Simpler.

     Success or Failure depends upon man’s own exertions. The more you strive, the greater will be your progress ‘ A ceaseless endeavors is regained to develop a new habit. Do not allow any exceptions to occur until the new habit is well developed.

 To be continue….

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