Common Admission Test Paper (CAT)
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A good performance in CAT is an outcome of many factors but writing mocks from different institutes will help. Look at mocks from a Career Strategists, so you understand where you stand and one other mock series from another institute. When you look at recommendations, ask you friends who have seriously written mocks, in previous years from career strategists during their own preparation. They will be able to guide you.

Let’s look at two aspects here.

  1. You need to understand there is relationship between test scores and test exposure. Greater the test exposure better the scores. This is because of the familiarity that comes with writing tests. This may not be completely true for CAT. Your CAT scores are a sum of many other factors and hence may not increase proportionally to writing more tests. But definitely writing a good number of mocks helps. To build familiarity, therefore writing tests from Career Strategists and any one other institutes helps.
  2. Although, Each coaching institute tries its best to mimic the questions expected in the actual exam, some successfully and some unsuccessfully. Further, each institute uses its own understanding of the exam to come up with the paper. So though most institutes should have similar papers, there is variety because of this perception. As a result the mocks are difficult or easy, with simple or complicated sums. This provides the necessary variety. Though every institute will have a good mix of questions, writing test papers of different institutes will help, but test series from Career Strategists is prepared by expert and experience faculty with observation and analysis of more than two decades , hence it will be most appropriate to cater the challenge of upcoming exams.

Good luck to you!

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